Recessed luminaires or modular light fittings are widely used in public and commercial buildings. The ceilings are subject to fire regulations and most will have to be fire reated.

When a ceiling tile is replaced by a recessed luminaire, the integrity of the ceiling and its fire performance are reduced significantly.

To combat this TENMAT, as part of its continuing development of passive fire protection solutions, has developed a Recessed Luminaire Cover for use in 30 and 60 minute fire rated ceilings.

The Luminaire Cover has been developed to provide maximum protection for ceilings where fire resistant tiles have been replaced by light fittings. The cover is supplied ready to fit and no assembly is required. In a fire situation, the cover prevents the fire from penetrating the ceiling.

The cover also gives additional insulation protection to the ceiling void reducing the chance of ignition of accumulated dust and insulation.

With the cover in place, the modular light fitting can be installed as normal. The cover requires no maintenance and is easy to remove for maintenance of the light fitting.

Key Features & Customer Benefits

  • Maintains the fire protection performance of the ceiling - preventing or delaying the spread of fire
  • Simple fixing method from above or below the ceiling - can be fitted through the diagonal in the ceiling grid
  • Provides thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Lightweight at only 1.5 - 2.5kg
  • No screws, drilling or support required saves money
  • Available in sizes to fit a range of 600 x 600mm and 1200 x 600mm fittings
  • Restores and maintains the integrity of 30 and 60 minute fire rated ceilings
  • Cost effective.


TENMAT FF120 Recessed Luminaire Cover has undergone fire resistance test:

  • Suspended Ceiling: BS476 Part 23:1987.
    Duration of effective protection: 73 minutes (no failure).
    Certificate no.: FG8962/208217/BRE