Cam followers
Type CF
Type CFM (stainless steel type)

   This is a bearing with a stud, which has needle rollers in a a precision retainer installed in a thick-walled outer ring. They are compact and easy to handle, so that they have a wide range of applications. The all stainless steel type ( symbol M ) is not

Type CF, Type CF...M (stainless steel type)

subjected to rusting by the surrounding atmosphere, and as the generation of dust is suppresses, it is most suitable for clean rooms.

Miniature Cam followers
Type CF3, 4, 5
Type CF3, 4, 5M (stainless steel type)

   This type has a compact design with a stud diameter of 3 to 5 mm and an outer ring of outer diameter of 10 to 13 mm, and this high-precision miniature cam follower is suitable for compact machine design.

Type CF, Type CF...M (stainless steel type)

   This type is used as guide rollers for electronic parts mechanisms, precision measuring equipment, office equipment, etc. for cam mechanism and linear movement with light loads and high accuracy, and they contribute to space reduction.

Solid Eccentric Cam Followers
Type CFH
Type CFHM (stainless steel type)

   This type can be installed in the same installation holes as the standard cam follower type, but the stud head is eccentric by 0.25 mm to 1.0 mm in regard to the stud head is eccentric by 0.25 mm to 1.0 mm in regard to the stud installation center, so that fine adjustment is possible simply by turning

Type CFH, Type CFH...M (stainless steel type)

the stud, and this is a compact eccentric cam follower with high accuracy and a single-body construction, and it has the following special features.

  • Positioning in regard to the cam groove, backlash prevention
  • Leaving in case of multiple installation
  • Precision machining is not required for the installation hole position, etc. so that the work steps for machining and installation can be reduced widely.

Cam followers with tap holes for piping 
Type CFT
Type CFTM (stainless steel type)

   This cam follower type has piping tap holes machined into the stud head part and the threaded portion of the standard cam follower.
   This cam follower type is most suitable for places requiring piping for centralized lubrication.

Type CFT, Type CFT...M (stainless steel type)

Roller followers type NAST 
   This is a separable bearing with a precision retainer with needle rollers installed in a thick-walled outer ring and inner ring, and as the construction is simple, high accuracy can be obtained at a low price. In addition, the type RNAST without an inner ring and the type NASTZZ with side plates forming a labyrinth seals installed on both sides of the inner ring have been standardized as standard products.

Roller Followers type NAST

Roller followers type NARTR
   This is not a separable bearing with side plates fixed to the inner ring. As the outer diameter of the outer ring is machines spherically, an effective contribution is made to edge load mitigation. The full roller type NARTVR for heavy loads at low speeds also is available.

Roller Followers type Nart...R