Renowned within the fire protection industry as an established and innovative company, Tenmat manufactures the range of Firefly products and solutions that we are designed to meet the latest fire protection standards and applications world-wide.

Customer Benefits from the
Firefly range

A single source for all your requirements

Tenmat can supply the full range from specific materials designed for customer requirements to tested and approved end-user products.

Peace of mind

Tenmat is a long established company with an enviable track record in product development, technical support and quality assurance.

Commitment and development

For many years TENMAT has been committed to technically excellent products used in applications as diverse as furnace insultation to critical components for aerospace.

This has demanded a heavy investment in ongoing research and development to both extend the performance characteristics of existing product ranges and take the company forward into new and exciting growth areas.

Ask about the new products being developed to add to the Firefly range, or tell us about your specific problem.