Steel, Copper and Plastic Pipes are found in all domestic and commercial buildings. A large percentage of these pipes penetrate fire rated constructions such as walls, floors and ceilings.

Once a hole is made in the construction for the passage of pipes/services, the integrity of the construction and it's ability to prevent the spread of fire are immediately compromised.

To combat this TENMAT, as part of its continuing development of passive fire protection solutions, has developed the FIREFLY 109 Pipe Fire Sleeve which reinstates the fire rating of the construction and prevents fire spread from one compartment to another.

The FIREFLY 109 Pipe Fire Sleeve is a novel and cost effective product for the fire stopping of pipe penetrations e.g. plumbing pipe and metallic pipes whilst

maintaining similar thermal and acoustic properties as standard mineral fibre insulation. These properties ensure compliance to Water Bye-laws and Building Regulations for cold and hot water pipes and heating systems.

The FIREFLY 109 Pipe Fire Sleeve was developed with ease of installation in mind. The sleeve can be quickly and simply fitted onto the pipe and slid into the penetration without the need for mortar, mastic or support.

In a fire situation the sleeve expands to fill the available space between the pipe and the penetration. In the case of plastic pipes the sleeve will crush and close off the pipe forming a solid char and preventing the passage of fire and smoke to the adjacent compartment.

Key Features & Customer Benefits

Local Authority Building Control National Type Approval

  • 2 Hour Fire Rating to BS 476
  • Suitable for use through a wide range of fire partition walls and floors
  • Offers excellent acoustic insulation
  • Maintains the thermal insulation of the pipe through the penetration
  • Maintains vapour seal of existing insulation
  • Cost effective
    • one sleeve can replace two collars
    • easily cut to size to minimise wastage
    • no mastic is required
  • Can also be fitted flush to the wall offering a clean wall solution
  • Allows for thermal movement of pipe
  • Simple to install without special tools or skills
  • Suitable for a wide range of plastic, copper and mild steel pipes (ask TENMAT for up to date list)
  • Protects copper pipe from cement corrosion
  • Will accept hole irregularities of up to 15mm


TENMAT FIREFLY 109 Pipe Fire Sleeves have undergone a wide range of fire resistance testing, this is summerised in Assessment No.

  • Assessment No: Chilt/AO3187/Chiltern International Fire Pipe Materials: PVC, Polybutylene, Copper, Mild Steel.
Duration of effective protection: 120 minutes

Constructions covered - Plasterboard Wall, Mineral Batt Walls, Solid Walls and Floors