TENMAT is a leading manufacturer of specialised high performance, non-metallic engineering materials and components, supplied to a broad cross-section of industrial applications throughout the world.

TENMAT's activities are divided into 3 main divisions: Engineering Ceramics, Wearing and Bearing Composites and High Temperature Composites including Refractory Products, Millboards and Intumescents.

Further information on any of these products is available from Tenmat's Technical services.

are HEPA rated rigid surface filter tubes developed for operating temperatures up to 1600o C. The size range available is suited to small and large gas volumes and research has produced materials with optimum dust filtration and regenerative efficiencies, resulting in emission dust levels of less than 1mg/m3. The materials used in the manufacture of the filters have been choosen to provide maximum high temperature strength without sacrificing filtration efficiency and low pressure drop characteristics. Furthermore only exonerated materials are used in the production of FIREFLY filters and seals.

The low density porous media of inorganically bonded granular minerals and fibres are resistant to temperatures far in excess of those found in normal practical applications. The monolithic candle and large tube elements are self-supporting, do not need metal cages and are produced with or without flanges for horizontal or vertical configurations. They are all highly resistant to thermal shock and can be regenerated, at high pressure by reverse air or jet pulse cleaning. TENMAT can also supply venturi for all sizes of elements. Details on request.

All FIREFLY Filter elements can be used with reagents to collect acid gases and dioxins, and effect particulate agglomeration for improving surface filter performance. They are capable of withstanding extreme thermal and chemical conditions.

HGF element seals are available to suit all elements in RF1000FL and RF1200FL qualities. RF1000FL seals are suitable for all normal atmospheric applications but RF1200FL quality may be necessary in reducing atmospheres.

TENMAT produces a wide range of thermal insulation and heat resistant products for protection of filter box casings and tube sheets. Engineering Ceramics produces nozzles in Refel Silicon Carbide for Flue Gas De-sulphurisation Spray Towers.


  • High temperature capabilities up to 1600o C.
  • Incombustible - spark resistant and fireproof.
  • High filtration efficiencies HEPA rated.
  • Chemical resistance including acid gases.
  • Rigid elements for longer life.
  • Cleaned by reverse jet of compressed air.
  • Totally resistant to thermal shock.
  • 'Installation and operation manual' on request.
  • Only exonerated fibres used.

A range of ancillary products for gasketing and sealing are also available. If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us. The operating temperatures of CS1150 is 1150o C, RF 1600 is 1600o C, further details on respective technical data sheets are also available on request.


  • Incineration of industrial, chemical and clinical waste.
  • Metallurgical processing - ferrous and non ferrous.
  • Brick manufacture.
  • Cement Industry.
  • Waste Gasification.
  • Soil sterilisation.
  • Coal derivative manufacture.
  • Wood burning.

FIREFLY filters are available in the following standard dimensions:
other sizes are available on request

Inner Diameter
40    40    40    40     40
95    95    95
110    110    110
External Diameter
60    60    60    60     60
125   125   125
150    150    150
305  650  1000  1250  1500 1800  2400  3000 1800  2400  3000
Flange thickness 20    20    20     20     20 30    30    30 40    40    40
Surface Area
0.06  0.12  0.19  0.23  0.28 0.69  0.93  1.16 0.83  1.11  1.40
Seals Available YES YES YES