150, 200 & 250mm diameters
Downlighters in ceilings are widely used in public and commercial buildings. The ceilings are subject to fire regulations and, most will have to be fire rated.

However, once a hole is made in the ceiling for a downlighter, the integrity of the construction and its ability to perform in a fire can be reduced significantly.

To combat this TENMAT, as part of its continuing development of passive fire protection solutions, has developed a downlighter fire protection cover.

The cover has been developed to provide maximum protection for holes created by the introduction of small/medium sized downlighters and to allow for maximum ease of fitting. In a fire situation, the cover expands internally to fill all the available space

with a fire resistant highly insulating char. The fire is unable to penetrate the hole and the cover is able to give additional insulation protection to the ceiling void by reducing the chance of heat build up and the ignition of flammables, such as accumulated dust and insulation. The penetration in the ceiling also provides a path for air, thus creating drafts, the fitting of a FF109 cover reduces this problem.

Key Features & Customer Benefits

Local Authority Building Control National Type Approval

  • Maintains the fire protection performance of the ceiling - preventing or delaying the spread of fire
  • Cover is flexible and lightweight and can be fitted from above or below the ceiling
  • Cover is ventilated to reduce heat build up
  • Provides thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Prevents combustible materials from coming into contact with hot downlighter - thus minimising fire risk
  • Simple fixing method - can be fitted in seconds
  • No screws, drilling or support required - saves money
  • Available in sizes to fit a range of mains and low voltage downlighters
  • Suitable for suspended, plasterboard and concrete ceilings
  • Restores and maintains integrity of 30 & 60 minute fire rated ceilings
  • Cost effective


TENMAT FIREFLY 109 Downlighter Cover are tested and assessed for the following:

  • Suspended Ceiling and Timber, Steel or Concrete Beam/Joist protected by plasterboard.
    Assessment No:
    CHILT/A02105/Chiltern Int. Fire.
    Duration of effective protection: 60 minutes

  • Fire rated ceiling/floor systems protecting timber joists, steel joist systems and concrete floors: as1530.4
    Assessment No:
    FAR 2032/BRANZ

    Fire Rating: FRL 60/60/60
  • Suspended Ceiling: BS476 Part 23:1987
    Duration of effective protection: 72 minutes (no failure)
    Certificate No.: FEI/F99029/Chiltern International Fire.

  • Plasterboard Ceiling: BS EN 1365-2:2000.
    Integrity: 60 minutes (no failure)
    Insulation: 60 minutes (no failure)
    Certificate No.: TE94667/BRE.

  • Acoustic Testing
    TENMAT FF109 covers hve undergone acoustic testing in both separating and internal ceiling/floor constructins and have been shown to reinstate acoustic insulation in-line with approved document E, following the fitting of downlights.
    Certificate No.: 213942/BRE.