FEROFORM F36 & F363 where orginally developed to be an Alternative to the old FEROBESTOS [asbestos/phenolic] laminates, and from its inception was accepted as the universal alternative for high temperature and high pressure applications that the asbestos alternatives could not fill.

Developed by TENMAT Ltd. from a unique blend of high temperature resistant cloth, thermosetting resins and including special lubricants [in F363], the material is subjected to temperature and pressure during manufacture to form fully cured sheet or tube from which we are able to machine components to meet end users specific requirements.

These applications tend to be by there very nature the arduous type of applications that demand that performance is not compromised at prolonged exposure to the high temperatures or pressures, and from this starting point TENMAT have been able to dovetail the unique properties of the material into such applications as follows:-

One of the first bearing application was in the boiler circulation pump industry, where water temperatures in excess of the boiling point of water at 110 to 140o C where expected, and whilst the Older asbestos laminate bearings were able to cope with this most reinforced bearing materials available some 10 years ago would not go above 60o C. FEROFORM F363 was tested and approved via our agent in Holland, and they have been using it ever since.

Within the food industry certain products have to be cooked or sterilised once they have been filled into the can. This involves loading the 5 kg tins on carousels [up to 4 banks of 5], which then circulate through a vertical tower, over 3 stories high, passing through several temperature zones, 150o C steam, into cold water and a journey time of 2 hours, 7 days a week for uupto 50 weeks a year non stop. FEROFORM F363 was the chosen material for all the pivot pints on the carousel and the chain linkage points, as it was able to cope with the extermes of temperature whilst offering good load and wear resistance.

With the demise of special asbestos slilicon grades of FEROBESTOS, the British Aerospace industry need to have material that had the same high temperature performance, but with out the problem of having to deal with asbestos, or materials that could suffer in the demanding environment of most Aircraft, whilst still offering suitable CAA or similar air worthiness certificates. With various aircraft companies [which are not allowed to mention due to secrecy agreements], TENMAT suggested FEROFORM 363/F3637 for various applications which include, high temperature pipe clamps, faileads & special gearbox bushes that operate around the hot area of the engine, or as special distance pieces in certain landing gear. These applications can see both the extremes of well below zero air temperatures [-30o C], with temperature build up from the brakes or the engine [+150o C! Regrettably TENMAT are not at liberty to reveal more information!]

At the other extremes of the transportation industry, FEROFORM F3637 Tank Pads have become the number one choice when construction or converting existing vessels to handle Hot Bitumen, Asphalt or Sulphur cargos. After arduous testing and approval by the ship underwriters, the use of the FEROFORM F3637 in a unique combination with a chocking compound ensures that the holding tank, weighing many thousands of tonnes, which is at 250 to 300o C for many weeks at sea, is restrained, but thermally insulated from the main body to the ship. Thus eliminating cold spots in the hot cargo, whilst reducing the thermal heat transfer to the ship and ensuring that conventual steel and construction techniques can be used. The low friction of F3637 offers a superiour counter face to the hot holding tank ensuring that when the tank expands from thermal forces or moves due to the movement of the sea, there is no stick slip between the tank and the pads, this in turn allows for the correct free movement of the hot tank and thereby continuously distributing the load evently, reducing the forces that could be set up from the hot cargo surge that would ensue from uneven movement.

Away from the rigours of the High Seas FEROFORM 3637 has been used in many applications areas , such as wear strips in what is referred to as Stentor Ovens, specialist one off high temperature or high pressure bearings, and special sliding vane air compressor pumps.